Day 84: Health Challenge Recap

So, I made it! It wasn’t easy but I saw this 84-Day challenge through to the end. I have learned much about my strengths and weaknesses. I truly value all that I have learned over the past few months. I cannot wait to reward myself with my very last gift to self!! However, in someway I have won a small victory. I have stepped inside myself the past three months and witnessed the good, bad, ugly and the truth. It’s been interesting to say the least.

Physical: 1 mile walk.

Physically, I find it effortless to get in some form of intentional exercise each day. As a yoga instructor and mother there is always a level of fitness involved in my day. However, I do realize how much I cheat myself by not being more adventuresome in this department.

I’m one of those individuals who does not like the monotony of going to the gym, doing lots of reps on equipment while my iPod shuffles through workout tunes. I prefer the outdoors; running, biking, hiking, and setting up the slackline.

But even these few things could be heightened. I would like to take my outdoor exercise to the next level–post-pregnancy. I’d like to see myself making it for my runs in the early morning EVEN when the weather is bad or I don’t “feel like it”. Yes! I’m totally guilty of staying in on cold or snowy days like a fair-weather-runner. As well as hitting the snooze button like a lazy-good-for-nothin’.

I’d also like to get into climbing for a full body workout.

Mental: Lumosity.

Out of all the exercises I found that I challenge myself the LEAST in the mental department. When free time existed in my life I was able to pleasure read, write, and make random trips to the public library to research some of my favorite topics like Ancient Egypt. Now, my mental progress is a last priority. I want to adjust this.

Of course, I’m hungry to go back to work on my Master’s degree but with baby number two on his way it is not in my immediate cards. So I have come up with a few fun alternatives:

Taking some pleasure courses on over the next few months being one.

In doing so, I have signed up for The Skimm. If you haven’t heard about this new subscription you should certainly look into it. If for whatever reason you’re not a news reader (like moi) but want to stay in tune with the goings on of our country, The Skimm is a simple and FUN way to digest current events.

Also, I want for my husband and I to start doing a morning puzzle together. My in-laws do this every morning and inspired me to implement it too. In an attempt to stay sharp but also do do something mentally stimulating with my husband at the start of each day. Be it a 325 calendar with a daily riddle or puzzle, crossword, or the local newspapers Sudoku. I’m finding that it is vital to keep my mind working and not merely on auto-pilot every day.

I desperately need to invite casual reading back into my day. This way I can work on Memory Palace building in order to help with my struggle to remember a new persons name and simply allow my imagination muscles to flex again.

Emotional: Journal Entry.

Emotionally I feel I have learned to communicate better.
I always thought myself to be an excellent communicator but I have learned I have much more room to grow. It’s one thing to be articulate but another to be eloquent and selective about when to speak. Journaling the past 84-Days has allotted me several benefits:

First, a capacity to talk more thoughtfully about my feelings to others. Second, I’ve gained a better understanding of where I’m at in any given day. Writing things down forced me to ask myself how I am REALLY feeling. I don’t have to pretend in my journaling. I can be honest and explore the emotions that arise. Finally, I learned to let go of emotional baggage.

For example, in my journaling I noticed that several times I had written about things people had said to me that either hurt my feelings or irked me for an entire day. Until one day I asked myself, “Why are you still holding onto these things?”

In response, I wrote down the names and comments of the people who had offended me in some way and let it sit on my desk. For an entire day I would glance at the list every time I went entered the office for something and allowed myself to mentally work through what bothered me about each statement until I felt a resolve. Even if a resolve didn’t come, at the end of the day, I threw the list away and allowed myself to be free from its bondage.

Social: Out of the blue I followed up with my aunt today on a project she asked my help on months ago. I knew she had put it on hold in order to tend to other things. In my contact with her about it, I lovingly encouraged her about her ideas and nudged her to think about the project again as I knew she was letting it slip away. It’s such a great business plan that will benifit many people and I wanted to boost her confidence.

As much as I love doing things for others, it comes more naturally to do things for those I know and love versus showing random kindness to strangers. I am aware of this now and I would like to work towards being a more caring person all around.

When I started the challenge, most of my random acts of kindness were towards strangers. I found myself handwriting notes of encouragement or affirmations and sticking them on the car next to mine in a parking lot. You know, things like that. Then that became to taxing. Caring for strangers is time-consuming and a very thought-full process that, after a month, I realized I wasn’t willing to invest. This is certainly a weakness that I would like to nurture into a more positive behavior.

I did enjoy the karma effects of being more socially conscious. The universe seems to reward those who care and show vulnerability towards others. Not that I was attempting to be reward seeking in my social exercises but I quickly became away of the adage; “What goes around comes around”. The more positive energy I exude the more returned to me…most often, tenfold even!

‘Til Next Post,
-The Real Eleven-One Girl

Day 83: Elevator Eyes

Physical: 1.5 mile walk and yoga.

Mental: Lumosity.

Emotional: Journal and baby journal entries.

Social: I found myself purposefully meeting new people and giving them elevator eyes. They probably thought I was nutty but I searched their persons for anything to compliment them on. Random compliments are the best. They always make me feel good. So from jewelry to a pleasant smile, I found that complimenting strangers made just about anyone smile today.

‘Til Next Post,
-The Real Eleven-One Girl