Audrey Assad Heart

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Audrey Assad Heart

In lieu of the Valentine spirit here at Eleven-One, I have had my heart + ears set on contemporary Christian-based love songs by Audrey Assad. Her latest and sophomore  album, “Heart” released in 2012 is definitely on repeat in the car. Never much into religious music of today, I had initially purchased the album as a gift for a relative at Christmas. Sadly, I discovered a close friend of hers had already given her the same album!

Great minds think alike, huh?

The disc had not been unwrapped yet so I could have easily returned it. However,  as I looked at the cover I could only image was my fifty-years-young relative as she bee-bopped around her living room, humming alongside the the lyrics of Assad’s debut album, “This House You’re Building”. She had been intensely mesmerized by the lyrics that she scooped my toddler into her arms and began to dance around with him!

Well, shoot! I’ll give it a play through, I thought.

Audrey Assad Heart

Four weeks later + pleasantly surprised, I have been listening to the album non-stop as I cruise about town. “Heart” is uplifting and easy-listening album. In a way the audience can feel her inquisition into her spiritual faith + growth. It is as if she is singing about a great love in her life. Assad’s voice is strong too! As I sing along I realize my chords aren’t developed enough to reach those high ranges but it’s fun to try! Most importantly, the lyrics are powerful for those who understand the love + faith in which Assad sings. Some of my favorite tracks are: 6- O My Soul, 9-Lament,  and 12-New Song. Needless to say, I will be picking up Assad’s debut album soon. Until then I will be anxiously awaiting for another worship album to drop!

Audrey Assad Heart

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